New Zealand - Day 3 - Takaka and Te Waikoropupu Springs

After a much needed sleep in, we went down to Motueka to pick up a few items then went home to find dad busy whipping up pancakes, so I drummed up a fruit salad to go with them.

After eating, we jumped in the car and drove over the Takaka hill to Takaka (funnily enough). Everything was closed when we got there being Sunday and all, but we found a lovely place for lunch and Carl tried Kumara for the first time. After lunch, we drove to the Waikoropupu (Pupu) springs to see the clearest water in the world and take some shots of the native flora and fauna (but not the elusive piwakawaka, which never sat still long enough to snap a shot)

After an enjoyable drive home we were dished up a traditional kiwi roast by dad and played Gin Rummy with mum where Carl cottoned on to the rules fast, but not fast enough to avoid handing Jess the win! muhahaha!!!

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