New Zealand - Day 7 - Christchurch to Omarama

We rose late thanks to a late night and the gift of an 11am checkout time. While someone took our bags down and packed up the car we paid then set off for Wanaka via the Riccarton Mall for a bit of shopping and breakfast/lunch.

We made good time due to the nice weather, but that came unstuck past Geraldine when we hit snow. I began to grow a little concerned at making it to Wanaka before dark.

We stopped at Lake Tekapo which was truly a winter wonderland.

We continuted along the increasingly hazardous road hoping to make it. We tried to decide whether to stop short of Wanaka and stay at the next town or keep plugging on. Still in 2 minds we arrived at Omarama to find the decision had been made for us. The Lindas Pass was closed and we were snow bound.

We checked into a teeny warm little cabin and spent a magic night in amongst the swirling snow and gorgeous scenery and the free wireless internet and early stop gave us time to catch up on our photos and journal and finally post it to the net.

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