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It's a new decade, so it's time for a new website. There were a lot of things that had been nagging me with the old site, so I have been working late nights getting this up.

Some of my main goals were to move the content as close to the top of the page as possible and to improve the usability of the photo album.  Photos are smaller and easier to fit in a browser window.  Additionally, they can now be scrolled through with the left and right arrows (and swipes for any iPad users).

I have several unfinished features that will I will be releasing as I can get them completed, but wanted to have the main features in place and live before the little one arrives in a few weeks (or less)!

Now for some uploading of images.


Luke #1 3416 days ago
100% awesome.
Jess #2 3266 days ago
I get chills thinking that you finished the site, wrote this blog then came to bed at which point I got up to use the bathroom and boom! Broken waters, baby coming!
Carl #3 3266 days ago
I know! It's so crazy... I guess he chose "less"

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