Felix Brian Champagne

Would you believe it, but about an hour after getting the site live and posting the previous entry, Jess went into labor.  About 8 hours after that, Felix Brian Champagne was born.

With the first couple weeks behind us, we are starting to get the hang of this whole parenthood thing and Felix is doing great.

I have a bunch of photos I'll be posting, but I'm still working on getting all my old photo content re-uploaded and being the person I am, I have to do everything in the right order to keep it clean.

In the meantime, I have plenty of photos of him posted up on my Facebook page.


Luke #1 3522 days ago
Now you can always remember how old your site is by saying asking Felix how old he is an adding 1 hour.
Carl #2 3522 days ago
So true, and a wonderful little ASP.NET MVC company was born on the same day. Rather eventful.

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