Centering a Google Map For Printing

While working on a recent project I came upon the situation where I needed a printer friendly version of a Google map. The issue is the main browser view had the map sized to 100% and the print view w...

jQuery Mobile form input not triggering the form submit event

Weirdness Explained - TinyMCE decodes and strips < and > entities

The problem I wanted to be able to enter the text "<30" into a TinyMCE block and was finding that it would save once, but then get stripped out by TinyMCE once the page was reloaded. What's going on h...

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jQuery Form Not Submitting

Continuing my theme of posting about minor issues that waste far too much development time, I bring you the perils of Adblock plugins. I love Adblock Plus. I use it all the time and even use it to blo...

URL verification

While working on a project, I needed to verify that a user-submitted URL was actually pointing to a valid page. I found and slightly modified a code snippet that did just that using cURL. It's pretty ...

Catch the spam, keep your data - PHP spam filtering

Spam is annoying. Anytime you open up comments to the world, you must contend with all the crazies who wanted to place spammy links on your site, or just be a general nuisance that makes you want to b...

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